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November 2020 - I will attend on Bandit Rock radio 26/11 from 07:00 am , I hope you will listen.

December 2020- We all are still fighting against this Pandemi! 

We will keep the doors locked in the studio and continue on projects we already have started.

January 2021 - All big plans for conventions are on hold.

Respecting the Pandemi and working with locked doors.


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- A brief story -

Who is Mattias Lundberg?

Mattias is a award winning tattoo artist born 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Started he's tattoo carrier 2009 as a tattoo apprentice.

2011 - Mattias traveled to Sydney in Australia and worked as Guest working tattoo artist for a year. And had the opportunity to see how the tattoo culture looks like on the other side of the world.
2013 - Came Mattias back to Sweden and started working at Jinx tattoo in Stockholm.

2015 - Mattias open the doors for he's own tattoo studio named Old Oak Tattoo.

Prefers to work with new school, neo traditional and photo realism, both in black n' grey and high contrast color. 


Don't hesitate to make contact for any further questions.


1st place "Best Pet Portrait" at Stockholm ink Bash 2015

3rd place "Best Color" at Rock and Art 2016

2nd place "Best Color" at Swedish Tattoo Convention 2017

2nd place "Best of Friday" at Rock and Art 2017

3rd place "Best of Show" at Rock and Art 2017

2nd place "Best Big One" at Swedish Tattoo Convention 2018

2nd place "Best Sleeve" at Stockholm ink Bash 2018

2nd place "Best Realism" at Stockholm ink Bash 2018

2nd place "Best Color" at Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2019

1st place "Non Fresh/Healed Tattoo" at Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2019

2nd place "Best Color" at Swedish Tattoo Convention 2019

1st place "Best Realistic" at Skövde Tattoo Convention 2019




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